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Cinnteacht provides training for groups who work through the medium of Irish, or who work with the Irish language in any way.  Various training sessions are available and a single session or multiple sessions can be chosen together.  This training can be provided in the organisations own premises, or in Cinnteacht's offices based in Newry.

Training available from Cinnteacht

The General Data Protection Regulations came into force in May 2018.  With these new regulsations, additional responsibilities were placed on organisations as regards how they use people's personal data. 


This training gives an insight into the new the new regulations and the changes that need to be made in order to comply with the new duties under GDPR. 

  • This training is tailored to specific groups in order to reflect the specific work that they do.

  • Participants are given templates to help implement what is learnt during the session. 

  • There is an opportunity to ask questions and for open discussion with the group. 

What do the General Data Protection Regulations mean for the organisation?


In the voluntary sector, a lot depends on the work done by voluntary groups. This means that a lot of responsibility falls on these groups and that they must be aware of various legal and practical duties that they have in order to make headway with the work of the organisation. 

In this training, the following elements are included, depending on the status of the organisation at that time: 

  • Discussion on the various roles that are in any committee and the responsibilities which come with that.

  • Guidance on administrative matters related to setting up a committee, e.g. agreeing a constitution, registering with the Charity Commission if necessary, putting necessary policies in place. 

  • Deciding on future work priorities and planning on how to achieve these aims. 

What role do committees and their members have? 

Committee Responsibilities

Social media is linked into so much of what organisations do these days, and can be very powerful for reaching people.  It's well worthwhile for groups to spend some time looking at how they're using social media and working out how best to reach their target-audience.

As part of this practical training, you will receive: 

  • Pre-session audit on how the organisation is currently using social media 

  • Practical training on the best way to get the most out of social media

  • Information about scheduling tool, how and why to use them.

  • An opportunitiy to ask questions and to have open discussion with the group.   

Is the group getting the most out of social media? 

Social Media

Branding has always been important for organisations and now that ther eare so many platforms on which to share information, it's becoming even more important that an organisation has a clear, strong brand that's shows who they are and what they do. 

With this training, branding and the way that design and branding can raise the profile of an organisation will be discussed.  Advice is given on how to strengthen a brand, along with a practical session on how to use online tools to creat simple designs. 

As part of this practical training, you will receive: 

  • Practical information on how to strengthen the brand of an organisation

  • Information, resources and support on how to develop a brand

  • Step-by-step guide on how to design posters on Canva

How can an organisation strengthen their branding? 

Design and Branding 
Feedback From Workshops
"All the information was very helpful."
GDPR workshop, December 2018

Training Facilities

Training sessions are provided in Cinnteacht's office in the centre of Newry, County Down.  In addition to the training facilitites that are available, there are spaces for discussion and planning for the implementation of what is covered in the workshops. Refreshments or catering can also be provided.


Or, we can provide training workshops on a site of your choosing, anywhere in the country.