Cóipcheart 2019 Cinnteacht



Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is particularly important for organisatiosn who aim to influence the community around them.  Planning is needed to assess the impact of the work that is being done and as evidence of the work that has been done by the organisation. 

Cinnteacht works with groups of all sizes to carry out strategic planning for the future in order to assess future needs, to identify the organisations aims and objectives and to help secure sources of funding and income. 

Pleanáil Teanga

Language planning has many different definitions. In short, it is when a deliberate effort is made to influence the spoken language in a community. It can also be defined as a set of ideas, laws, rules and practices used to achieve an intentional change with regards the language in a particular community. In this case, the aim of language planning is to increase the number of Irish speakers, and to perpetuate the use of the Irish language as both a household language and a public language.


Cinnteacht works with groups right throughout the language planning process, providing support and guidance at every stage in order to develop a comprehensive, ambitious and achievable language plan. 

This process includes: 

  •  Initial discussions about how to create the plan

  • Research, both qualitative and quantitative, on what should be included within the plan

  • Reaching out to the community in order to raise awareness and interest in the plan

  • Drafting the Language Plan

  • Conducting a consultation  with the community to receive feedback on the plan

​Examples of Work