Cóipcheart 2019 Cinnteacht


Online Support

Cinnteacht provides support to groups to make more use of online resources in a variety of different ways.  Suport is provided to groups using social media through training, social media management and through conducting planning with groups on how to raise awareness online. 

We also create website for groups to let people know about the work that they do.  These websites comply with best practice in terms of bilingualism, which means that groups can spread their message to as many people as possible, whatever level of Irish they have. 

Social Media

Social media is being used at more or less every group in some way these days and there are certainly advantages to making use of these platforms.  This is great if you have the skills and time to make use of all thee new tools, but is more daunting if you're unsure of how to do so or if you simply don't have the time to do so.  Here are the services that we can prvoide to help:  

Social Media Management: We can completely manage social media accounts for groups, whether it's for a particular event or on an ongoing basis in order to remove that responsibility from the organisation. 

Social Media Training : Training is provided on soical media which is tailored speicifically for the group and for the needs that the people within in have in relation to social media usage at that point. 

Social Media Planning:  If training or external management isn't what the organisation needs, we also work with groups to design plans or strategies in order to increase and enhance the use of social media. 


Cinnteacht creates websites for groups to both showcase their work to the public and to spread their messages as far as is possible. 

These are the building blocks that we use while creating websites: 


The website must be clear, easily used and designed to meet the needs of the organisation. This can be done whatever type of work is being carried out by the organisation.  


It's highly important that the website properly reflects the brand and the personality of the organisation - who are you and what do you do? We work closely with groups in order to create the right style and to project the right image to the public. 

Use of the Website 

We feel that it is important that groups can update their own websites easily and regularly.  Therefore, we provide training to groups on how to use their website and how to add content and updates.  Of course, we can also handle the management of the site if the group doesn't wish to carry out this role. 


Best practice in terms of bilingualism is incorporated into websites so that groups can reach out to as many people as possible while promoting the Irish language at the same time.  

Seo cúpla sampla de shuíomhanna déanta againn ar na mallaibh: 

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