Cóipcheart 2019 Cinnteacht


Support with Finding Funding

Service 1: Identifying Funding Opportunities

Cinnteacht works with groups to find suitable funding opportunities for them, which are related to the type of work that the group does. In order to do this, we discuss what aims the group has, the area in which they work, their work priorities, and the resources currently available for the group. We then search hundreds of sources of funding to find financial resources which are relevant to the group’s goals.


Fee: £50.00

Service 2: Applying for Funding

Cinnteacht assists groups to apply for grants which are relevant opportunities for them.


The steps for this service are outlined below:

- Working out the project plan with the group

- Working out the project budget with the group

- Filling in application forms collaboratively with the group


Fee: 5% of the grant’s value. If no funding is received through this process, the group will not be obliged to pay any fee. If the group successfully receives money from the scheme, Cinnteacht will take 5% of the value of the grant. For example, if the scheme is for £200, £10 will go to Cinnteacht; or if the scheme is for £5,000 our fee will be £250.


N.B. This fee is based on a group which has a bank account, charter, and other prerequisites which are necessary to make an application for funding. If these criteria are are not already met, Cinnteacht can help the group to complete these stages at an additional cost based on the group’s requirements.

More Information

For more information on these services, you can contact us on eolas@cinnteacht.ie or by phoning us on 02830 898242.